Where it all Starts

Right here. Right now. 

A wise man once said; "It is best to start at the beginning... and Intuitivethot is a great beginning." Okay, so that was me saying that.

  • Intuitivethot (Me. Yes. Me as in Andy) is not your normal, typical or conventional web/internet hosting service - I consider it to be very unique in the way I offer services. I want you to experience the flavor of a "one man show". A single point of contact. This simply means that if and when you have any issue, a question, an epiphany of any kind whatsoever, you actually get to the proverbial "horse's mouth" on your first call. There is no auto answer push this for that, or dial that for this... I, as a real human on the other end will actually answer the phone, the email, the text directly. And that human really favors that personal touch and communication. 

Get Smart. - Learn - Tutorials and more! Get You. - Promotion, marketing and such things. Get Service. - Hosting, webdesign, email - the usual unusually.